Intelligent Auto Repair and Service

                                  We are an independent shop specializing in premium
                                maintenance of cars foreign to average mechanics.  
                                        We're good, and we offer our fine services
                                          for Toyota's Prius hybrids.  For a happy and
                                               long-lived car, please call us so Mary
                                                   can schedule your visit with us.

          • Welcome to our small friendly shop ...
          • Three decades of Service with love
          • Warranty: unprecedented two years / 24k miles
          • Oil change, alignment, diagnostics & MORE
          • Prius hybrid battery replacement, installed: $2199 out-the-door for '04 to '09 Prius (price current 12/15/17), 24 month warranty
          • 27 years, same location
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5603 S Palo Verde
Tucson, AZ  85706
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